" Living life with overall balanced success in all areas
of our life is main context of our Training Programs."

- Sanjay Mehta, Motivational Teacher & Life Coach.

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Parivartan define itself change…….and at our Delhi based transformational organization we added more to its meaning change for betterment.  Our main specialization lies in how we do it.  We help you and your organization to realize your potential through our different kind of attitudinal development training programs. Attitude which determines the way of our life.  In fact life is the reflection of  our attitude.

How we see,  it seems to be like that.  Successful people have one major quality of their life that is only their attitude and the big invention of our generation is that we can develop our attitude .  After going through our training program you become more able to get solutions for day to day life's challenges. 

We focus on individuals or take time to understand your organization that comes in our philosophy.  As a output we have many testimonials from those who have received very positive impact in their life.
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About Sanjay

Sanjay Mehta is a Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Life Coach . He was born on 12 Dec. 1969. He is working in the field of Personal Development since 1999. He believes that right way of thinking is leads to right attitude. His workshops and seminars include his past participants and personal life experience. Amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. His sessions are designed to infuse tremendous dynamism and vigour into the participants, to make them more Productive.

His sessions generally consist of Positive Attitude, Customer Care, Human Relations, Stress Management, Anger Management, Self Confidence, Behaviour, Time management and Meditation. His popular workshops are Work Life Balance. Live Happy Life, Joy of Life, Couple Therapy, Self Development Training Program (S.D.T.P.) Inner Power etc. These all programs are done under the banner of Parivartan. The Contents can also be designed as per your needs, interests, expectations and concerns. The various benefits to the companies are Enhanced Productivity, Performance, Commitment, Loyalty, Employee / Employer Relations, Team Work etc. and the benefits to the audience are Enhanced Family Happiness, Social Acceptability, Self-esteem, Patience, Tolerance etc. The results are noticeable immediately. The delivery style is Interactive, Entertaining and Powerful.

He is extremely popular amongst his audience. He is noted for his distinct style of speech amongst various keynote speakers in India. He himself has been trained by world’s best motivational speakers, sales trainers, educators and motivators.
He has already conducted a number of such motivational seminars for Assure Capital, Punjab National Bank, Herbalways, National Handloom, OTNM, Zenith Marketing, Teckmart, Good Luck Jewels (P) Ltd. and many more. Though he is based in Delhi, Sanjay Mehta has conducted open public motivational seminars in a number of cities, pan India. He is favourite motivational speaker in Yuva Agarwal Sangthan Community, Lion Clubs, Rotract Club and number of educational institutions.



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